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SEIREKI『せいれき』worked as illustrator for Apple chorus on October 2015, she also does pv too. sadly, she doesn't have time to do like that now. her style in chorus is "illustrate my best but often late" "ทำงานต้องออกมาดูดีที่สุด แต่งานนั้นๆมักเลทเสมอต้นเสมอปลาย"

·.·★ Illustrated ★·.·Edit

【Apple Chorus】Smiling【10人】【Thai version】-305:00

【Apple Chorus】Smiling【10人】【Thai version】-3

【Apple Chorus】Suki Kirai【UJean × Shiiron & FluffyFai × MiuraSan & MaZuiya ×❄Akito-Kun❄】【Thai】04:40

【Apple Chorus】Suki Kirai【UJean × Shiiron & FluffyFai × MiuraSan & MaZuiya ×❄Akito-Kun❄】【Thai】

·.·★ PV/Editing ★·.·Edit

【Apple Chorus】Trick and Treat【7人】【Thai version】-203:43

【Apple Chorus】Trick and Treat【7人】【Thai version】-2

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